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Kulapati K. M. Munshi founded Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on 7th November 1938 on the auspicious Kartik Sud Purnima, Samvat 1995, nearly a decade before the advent of Indian Independence, with the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi and co-operation and support of several distinguished stalwarts of India's freedom movement. During the seven and a half decades of its existence, the Bhavan has grown, from small beginnings, into a comprehensive all-India intellectual, cultural and educational movement. It is totally apolitical.

The Bhavan has its roots firmly embedded in the Indian soil but its spreading branches reach out to encompass the best of the modern world in the fields of science, technology, economics and management. The Bhavan is a unique institution where Sanskrit classes are found side-by-side with engineering colleges; Gita classes function along with the institute of management; traditional teaching of fine arts as well as the teaching of modern science, arts and commerce is found in its schools and colleges. It stands for propagation of Indian culture and the fundamental values for which the culture stands.
Its founder, Kulapati Dr. K.M. Munshi, looked upon the Bhavan as an 'Adventure in Faith', a faith in India's past, present and future. It is also a faith in India's people who have a rich and unbroken cultural heritage. The Bhavan believes that there are elements in all cultures which transcend all barriers and knits people together.

The Bhavan firmly believes that revitalizing ancient values and reintegrating them to suit the changing needs of modern times alone will give people the strength to assimilate whatever is good in the new, without being swept away from their traditional moorings.

Bhavan believes that there are elements in all cultures which transcend all barriers and knit people together. Its ideal is: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: "The World Is One Family." Its motto is Aa no bhadraah kratavo yantu vishwatah: "Let noble thoughts come to us from every side."

The main purpose of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is to provide a modern bridge to span the past, the present and the future, built on the strong foundation of the fundamental values of life.

Padmabhushan S.Ramakrishnan was the builder of Bhavan since 1947. As the Executive Secretary & Director General of the organisation he steered the Bhavan in to a worldwide cultural organization with about 300 Constituent Institutions and 120 Centres spread all over India and abroad including New York, London, Sydney, Mexico City, Durban, Lisbon and Kuwait.

During the last seven and half decades of its existence, the Bhavan has blossomed into an ever-growing, voluntary, apolitical national movement with an international outlook, devoted to life, literature and culture. Bhavan's programmes cover "all aspects of life from the cradle to the grave and fills a growing vacuum in modern life" as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru observed when he first visited the Bhavan in 1950.

The year 2012 is celebrated as the Platinum Jubilee year of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.
The 125th Birth anniversary of Kulapati Munshiji is also celebrated this year.

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